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Cannot expand Installshield project in Visual Studio

I'm having an annoying issue in Visual Studio: it seems that it is not possible to expand the InstallShield project (still using trial version) at random times. The resolution is to restart the solution, and sometimes I can expand the project and work on it, sometimes it stays collapsed. However currently it seems even that doesn't help, so the project becomes unusable. Is this a known issue? :confused:
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Could you kindly perform a repair as we don't encounter this Issue from our end.

Could you also let me know if you have received registration keys with which you can activate InstallShieldLE

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Hi, this problem occurred with Installshield Express, not LE.

Yesterday I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it (and also applied the hotfix).
I recreated the setup project and now it works again.
I had other problems though:
- the ProjectAssistant values sometimes were not synchronized with the values in the individual sections. After restart, it was ok.
- In the dialog section, at Setup Complete Success, I put Show Launch program to yes but when I browsed for the program file, it wasn't there (although I added files in a previous step). After a restart, it was visible and I could select the exe.
- at a certain time in shortcuts/folders section, in programs menu, I had my custom added folder twice, although I only added it once. Somehow it got duplicated? Anyway, I could delete it.

I'm about to buy the product, I just hope it gets more stable.
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