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Cannot Load File or Assembly Interop.IWshRuntimeLibrary ...

Hey Folks,

I'm using Shell commands in a Custom Action assembly - I have unknown shortcuts to create at runtime after the build process is completed. My assemby (.dll) is written in VB .NEt, and it creates a second .dll - I'm not a VB programmer.

When the .DLL is run on immediate execution in a Basic MSI dll at Runtime before the files are moved, I get an error dialog with "Could not Load File or Assembly Interop.IwshRuntimeLibrary". Can someone point me to a white paper, or another thread that answers this please?

I'm trying to figue out what to do with the .DLL. I imported the reg file - the paths are wrong anyway ... I tried putting the file in WINSYSDIR, TARGEDIR, Disk1, and I'm out of ideas.

The code works great when I test it in an executable.


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Level 4


I thik I found a way around this without using COM Interop. It looks easy, will post if it works.
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