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Level 3

Can you change the left side image of the welcome dialog?

IS 2020 R3 Professional.  On the  InstallWelcome dialog, the image is welcome.jpg.  It is all one image, there is no left side image that can be replaced.  How to change this?

I know that sometime in the past (some years past), I have done something like this, I cannot remember if it was WIX, or the IS Premier version. 

Does the Premier version work differently (and thus we would need to upgrade), in that this can be done?  Or, in Professional does the entire .jpg file need to be replaced?

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Level 6

Yes, you can replace welcome.jpg with your own. The image is not just the "left side", rather it's the entire background. Here's the "InstallShield Blue Theme" welcome.jpg


 Notice it's the entire background, you'll want to do something similar with your custom welcome.jpg. Either simply add white background to the right to make it the same dimensions (499px wide by 312px high), or you can get fancy and add a border like the default one does.

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Thank you for sharing how to use it. Do you know a way to zoom in on the image more clearly?

Instazoom - Enlarge Instagram profile picture
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