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Can't read property in OnFirstUIAfter


I'm trying to run a sql script via a managed dll. The sql script is in my package, so I need to wait to run it, until after all my files have been extracted. I've tried using the OnFirstUIAfter function for this, but when I read the property that the user earlier stored the connection string in, it is blank. The connection string is set in a dialog when the user picks the database they're using.

Apparently the properties get reset by the time you reach OnFirstUIAfter? Is there another method that I can use that will be executed after all the files are extracted, but before OnFirstUIAfter? I tried using OnGeneratingMSIScript earlier, but the sql file apparently hadn't been extracted at the point at which that fired.

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Level 7

You may need to use global variables instead. Not ideal, but it does work.

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