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Can't get PreReq C++ redist x86 to install on Windows 7 64-bit

We need to install both 2005 and 2010 c++ redistributables for both x86 and x64. apparently the 2005 x86 has not been working. now it gives an error "prereq appears to not have installed properly - do you want to continue." if you look at the Programs and Features list, there is an entry for the redistributable, but I can't tell if its complete....I also can't have that error showing to my users. I've read about other people having the same issue (not in association with install shield) but haven't really seen a solution.

A slightly side note, we need all 4 of these redist installed on all systems, so I thought the best way to ensure that was to remove the OS conditions. did I make the matter worse?

I just installed it manually (using downloaded file from Microsoft). The entry in Programs and Features shows the same size component as when InstallSHield tried to install it and gave the error. So I kind of believe that it actually did install properly and completely, but I can't have this error popping up, especially if it is incorrect.

And one last point - the install program tries to reinstall the program every time its run. it doesn't see that it was installed last time.

We do not have any of these problems with the 2005 c++ x64, 2010 c++ x64, or 2010 c++ x86 prerequisites.
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Level 6

Under the Conditions tab, I had to change the "Check the followingf registry location on a 64-bit system" from Default to 64-bit.

Yet another big hole in InstallShield's handling of 64bit systems. We've wasted more time tracking down or coding around 64bit issues like this! Thanks.
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