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Can I import?

Heres the setup:
I am given the file for the build of an installation file for InstallShield 6.3.1. I am charged with the task of updating this to InstallShield Express 2008. The file has scripts for installation and other external files to be installed such as firefox and adobe.

My question:
Is it possible, and if so how, to import this old build into the new InstallShield 2008?
Or at least import these scripts?
If i cant import, what language are the scripts in? it looks like C++ but im told its VB

thank you very much
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Level 17

It sounds like the project was created with InstallShield Professional 6.x. That product created the InstallScript type of project, and it uses a language called InstallScript. The Express edition does not have support for InstallScript. So, I think you'd need to start over from scratch and create a new project in InstallShield 2008 Express; you would not be able to import your old project into InstallShield 2008 Express.

You should be able to open your old project in the Premier and Professional editions of InstallShield. So, you might want to see if upgrading to one of those editions is an option for you.
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