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Can I change XML files without the test substitution?

I have always seen XML file change in IS made with the text substitution.
Ok, but how can I change XML files during installation by parsing the XML? :confused: I don't want to handle the file as a normal text...
Infact, if I want to let my user be able to change one XML file during the MAINTEINANCE MODE, but I can't do this ...
Why? Because I make a marker inside the XML file - something like this:


that will be changed be the "XML File Changes" with the user's data.
But if I want to re-change this file during another installation (i.e. during the MAIN MODE) I should replace the marker again: but isn't possiblle...!
Is there any way (without spit blood...) to handle XML files in IS (or with some extra-IS tricks)?

I think it's time for IS to resolve this problem, isn't it ??!!

Thanks to all!
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Flexera Alumni

If is unique, it should be straightforward. For example, in an InstallScript project I used the XML File Changes view to create file UpdateMe.xml with root element and subelement
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