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Cab and msi files differ in size on different computers

We have two different virtual machines running the Stand-Alone Build. When the IsBld command is ran on Computer B then the output is correct and everything is fine. But when the exact same command is ran on Computer A then the cab file is about 10% as large of a file and the msi file is also a little smaller. We use TeamCity to handle pulling repositories and running commands, so all of that is identical on both machines.

When exploring the contents of the cab files one only has about 65 files and the other has thousands. What could cause the incorrect output?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

When exploring the contents of the cab files - are you able to determin which files are missing?
This would help understand if the missing data is coming from prerequisites, merge modules, file dependencies... etc.

Once you know this, you can start to investigate why those particular aspects are not being included during the build.

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If I'm understanding the files types correctly, the only things in the bad cab are merge modules and a single .m file. Grouping by file type in the good bin shows some of the following types

  • Application
  • Application Extention
  • CSS
  • Config1-7
  • Core and Core1
  • DL-DL2
  • DLL1-DLL7

And a bunch of other kinds of files such as some specific to our software and other types of text documents, etc.

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Level 6

any errors or warnings in the build logs?

Have you actually compared the contents of the directories from where the setup is built (to make sure TeamCity really pulled everything into the correct place)

Stefan Krueger /
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