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Build performance concerns


I've recently noticed that .msi release builds seem to take a long time to make in case of large/semi-large applications with lots of files/reg data.

As an example I've tried going through "Oracle 11g Release 2 (11.2) for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-Bit)".

1) Converting .irp > .ism
2) Building a release from .ism

My concern is that Installshield 2010 Pro (and 2011 for that matter, because I've ran tests on both) is not really utilizing all the CPU/hard disk/memory capabilities.

CPU usage on a dual-core/quad-core VMWare virtual machine configuration rarely goes above 50 (it even seems like it's capped at 50%)
disk read/write data is also not a factor, since the disk load is ~20% and quota is less than 0.2 (using RAID-0 or single disk configuration here does not really make a difference)
There is more than enough memory

Would appretiate a detailed explanation, because from the performance counters it seems like the Installshield studio is not utilizing the available resources.
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Level 4

Any comment on the previous post as to how to use all the cores ?
On a related topic, we are noticing a problem in that a build takes about 1 minute on a HP z400 ( 4 core machine) and for some reason takes about 10 min on a more powerful z800 ( 8 core ) machine. Any ideas as to why this slowness while things should actually be faster? Both machines have xeon cpu's.
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Level 4

We discovered that the Anti Virus running on the machine was slowing down the Installshield standlone build substantially. In this case it was Trend-Micro.
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