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Binary Table error -1024


I am trying to migrate my server machine to a different machine where ISMs are built.
When I manually build the ISM file I get the error:
Error: -1024: C:\Windows\system32\iisreset.exe not found. Cannot stream the file into the Binary table

Though this was working in the old machine. I have tried to delete the entry from Binary table(also tried to rename the binary entry) and also deleted the CA and added again. But still getting the same error.
When I try to browse to the file location it does not show the above mentioned file.

Kindly hep . Thanks in advance.

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Level 11

You have a bigger problem:

Someone at some point in the past started embedding Windows OS executables into your setup. You need to audit what was using IISReset.exe, and make it work without that file in the Binary table.

The fix will be removing that record from the Binary table and figuring out what was using it (and fix it to just run the command from a batch file or something).
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