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Billboard image dimensions in progress dialog??


I am trying to add a billboard file to the progress dialog, which works fine except for one problem: the image is being distorted upon display because it is being stretched to fit the window. Does anyone know what ratio the dimensions of an image should be to avoid this? We install a high-end image processing package, and it looks terrible to have an image distorted this way during installation. I've tried changing the file and have improved it somewhat, but it is time consuming to keep tweaking it this way.

It would be nice if the documentation for the new billboard style just included this information.
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

The image should be 544x281 pixels (see the help topic "Billboard Styles and File Types for InstallScript and InstallScript MSI Projects" if you are using an InstallScript or InstallScript MSI project or "Types of Billboards for Basic MSI Projects" for Basic MSI projects). Note that this is assuming you are using the InstallShield billboard support (MSI provides its own billboard functionality which requires populating the MSI billboard tables in the Direct Editor).
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