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Best approach for mutiple releases with differnet INSTALLDIR for each release

Hi can I get some information on the best approach to handle multiple releases of our program? The quick example is for the normal release of the product and a BETA release.
The BETA release would have to go into its own directory and have its own product code.
Also I have 32bit and 64bit releases plus two other releases. I have many combinations. the 32bit and 64bit are handled by different features so they always go into the program files x86 and program files fodlers. The issue I have is getting the normal, beta, other 1 and other 2 builds using this same installshield proejct to go into different folders.
Program Files x86\Release1
Program Files x86\Release2
Program Files x86\Release3
Program Files x86\Release4

Each installation needs to be isolated from the others. I.e. I am creating specific installers for each release using the same installshield project.
I have the releases > General > Product Code and upgrade code information set for each release.
I can't see any easy user experience for me to manage and set different installation folders. Does this feature exist?
I tried looking into multiple instances but I find the documenation and examples lacking for this issue.

Is the only way to do this custom actions?
Surely this approach is need by many software companies to release normal and beta installations?
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Level 6

So the same approach for 32bit and 64bit can be used to create a Custom Field to override the path the files are installed to at run time by using release flags.

The problem I now face is that the 64bit files I create all have a ".NET Application File" set to [ProgramFiles64Folder]Release 1\File.dll
And I am overriding INSTALLDIR to the new location. This is fine for the 32bit files because they are all [INSTALLDIR]Release 1\File.dll
I can't over type the .NET Application File value so now have change the Custom Action from overridding ProgramFiles64Folder instead of INSTALLDIR.

No better way to design the user interface for causal users like myself so its easier to setup and manage this?
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