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Level 3

Beginning-to-end tutorial

Hi all:

Does anyone know of a "beginning-to-end" tutorial that covers creating an install project, then adding patch projects, minor upgrades, major upgrades, etc. in a step-by-step fashion?

Also, does the same kind of reference exist for InstallShield scripting?


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Level 7

Not that I'm aware of. The included help file has a lot of information and there are tute.'s in there.

Also is a very good resource...

If you find one let me know!
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Flexera Alumni

There are some white papers about upgrade types and patches available on the web site here, in the InstallShield section:
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Level 7

Yeah I've looked through the Flexara site but I have yet to find a step by step guide to build a (all be it generic) release. The help file is useful if you already mostly know what you are doing. Unfortunately I agree with rittjc about there not being enough information in the forum and/or the help file (I agree with the argument but not the whole lazy American rant because that's just rude).

Anyway if there is a tutorial on there please send me the link I would be most grateful since I still have questions about my current release project.
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