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[Basic Msi Project] Information type messages cannot be written via c# custom action on next button click.

Problem statement:

On next button, C# custom action is integrated with a dialog. Via this c# custom action, we want to write information(verbose) messages. But this is not working.

To confirm the same, we have created POC and attached it here.

POC Content:

- InstallShield Project type: Basic Msi Project, Custom action: C# class library (.net framework 4.7.1)

- InstallWelcome > Next button click, invokes custom action to write information message. (which is not working or we can say message is not logged into log file.)

- LicenseAggrement > Next button, invokes custom action to write Error message. (which is working and we can see the same message into log file).

- Set "/L*vx install.log" in MEDIA > Releases > configuration > Setup.exe tab > MSI Command-Line Arguments.

Let us know what can be possible approach to solve the problem.

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Level 7


In order to be called, the custom action must be scheduled in the sequences. For this example, open the Custom Actions view and create an immediate-mode  custom action called callLoggingTest that calls the LoggingTestInstallScript function, and schedule it to run after LaunchConditions.  Using next button in Setup Dialogs, it wont write to msi log.


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