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Basic MSI with uninstall issue

Hi all,
i have a basic MSI setup. It installs a bunch of files to the file system, and then creates a virtual directory pointing to the filesystem path, that virtual directory is created under the default web site. For IIS6+ an application pool is also created.
The MSI has the standard install location dialog, plus another immediately following it which allows the user to change the default name of the virtual directory. It also installs another product (a config util) via merge module.

When i uninstall the MSI, it functions without error, but the files and the virtual directory are not removed, and neither is the msm. This happens when i installed using the default name for the vdir and the default location for the INSTALLDIR.

However, if i install and change the VIRTUALDIRNAME and INSTALLDIR properties, then it all uninstalls fine, except for the msm which still doesn't uninstall.

Can anyone give some suggestions as to what may be going wrong here, or give me an idea on the best way to trace the issue?

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Re: Basic MSI with uninstall issue

As an update to this, i have removed the msm from the install, and i have removed the major upgrade entry i had, but the same behaviour continues.

What could i be missing here?
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