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Basic MSI execute sequence for IIS

I am working with a Basic MSI project and im having a problem with the sequencing when it comes to when certain IIS things get installed. The project is installing/Enabling IIS on Windows 2008/20012.

I have 3 custom actions that enable the various Roles for the server(DotNet, WebServer, ApplicationServer) and these work fine on there own, but i cannot figure out the execution sequence that is used in the Basic MSI project.

  • If i put my custom actions at the beginning of the Execute sequence the installer works fine
  • If i put my custom actions any lower in the sequence then i get the 27500 error. This means that IIS is not installed while the installer is tring to create virtual directories for IIS
  • I have an AppSearch condition that looks for IIS and sets the IIS_VERSION variable, but what part of the sequence is actually in charge of the rest of the IIS installation?(i.i Website, Virtual Directories, etc)

From what i can see is in order to only have my custom action run when a condition is met, i have to place the custom actions after the 'InstallValidate' action, but then this gives me the 27500 error.
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So far from my digging deeper into it, looks like "ISIISCosting" was the culprit. I moved my Custom Actions before that and its working.
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