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Level 4

Basic MSI - Text File Changes unsuccessful due to read-only


I'm in the evaluation phase for IS 2010 Premiere, and was trying a bunch of the new features and am "stuck" on Text File Changes, in that I can't get one to work.

I have a web.config file tied to a feature, and the file is installing properly.
I believe I've correctly defined a replacement set and replacement, and even though the overall install is sucessful, this appears in the msi log:

Skip the file 'C:\Program Files\MyInstallTest\Web.config' because it is read-only.

I tried uninstalling, ensuring that my source copy of the file wasn't read-only, then recompiled/reinstalled, but the destination file is getting set to read-only somehow.

How can I ensure in a Basic MSI project that the target of a text file change is writeable? In Installshield projects past I the the explicit file attribute set before calling InstallScript to do the replace for me, but am seeing just how much of that code I won't need to bring forward.

Thanks much!

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Level 17

I am not able to reproduce it on my side. Would it be possible for you to post a sample project that replicates the behavior so that I can take a look?
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Level 4

Hello hidenori,

I was in the process of paring down the installation to just include this change, when I found under the Properties settings of the web.config a checkbox for "Override System Attributes". I checked that, and left the default sub-option of "File Hash" selected, and didn't select anything else. Rebuilt/ran the install and it worked.

So then I went to turn that setting back off and zip it up to attach to this post, but after recompiling and testing that, SUPRISE!, I can't get it to happen again (i.e. the replace works properly now).

I'll see if I can't get it happen with other experiments. I take it the toggling of that "override system attributes" bit shouldn't have been needed though, under normal circumstances?
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