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Basic MSI Project MSI Cache Path failed

I want to use the Release Option Cache MSI Locally to Cache the MSI File to a Cache Folder at ProgramFilesX86. The Cache Folder will exist but at some PCs I got the Errormessage: "File C:\Program Files (x86)\Test\Cache\{GUID}\test.msi could not save, the System could not found the Path." Why the Folder {GUID} will not created? The Execution Level is Administrator. Thanks, Thomas

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

The error that you are seeing would suggest that your installer is not launching with the correct permissions - especially as admin rights are needed to write to the Program Files (x86) directory. Try right clicking the setup and selecting run as admin to see if you see different behaviour - if you do this would suggest that permissions are the problem.

This message will occure after level up to admin rights from UAC. So the program will run with adminrights. This problem will occure at Windows 8.1 and also at Windows 10 PC, but not at all. There are also PC with no problems to create this Folder.

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