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Bad setup generated by command line using msbuild


I have several setup to generate automatically from a commande line from a Visual studio solution included an InstallShield project.

When i generate them manually from Visual Studio 2019, the setup are well generating. It means that i can launch the setup and the application is well installed.
The size of the setup is 124 MB.

When i generate the setup by command line, the setup are generated but after the installation, the shortcuts to the application doesn't work.
The size of the setup is 111 MB.
The command line is:
msbuild "Saft.Basics.Customer - SetupSaft.sln" -t:ReBuild -p:Configuration=ReleaseDecadeSaft;platform=x86
The click on the shortcut of the installed application opens the config file of the application instead to launch the application. It's very strange.

Do you have an idea why the setup is not well generated? I want to have the shortcuts working and the same size of the setup files.

Thank you.
Best regards,

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