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BUGs: Fonts not installing correctly, Restart Message, fonts installed from INTALLDIR

There are several issues here that need to be addressed.

Note that all these tests installs were run as Administrator.

Bug 1:
I have a basic Express project, installing many files. Most get installed correctly. This behavior started with Express 2013 . I purchased 2014 thinking it would fix the problem.

I put the 6 fonts in my main folder [INSTALLDIR] , and then copied 3 of them to the ]FONTSFOLDER]. I wanted the 3 in the [FONTSFOLDER] to not be removed on uninstall, so i set the permanent flag.

Upon running Setup.exe everything seemed to go ok, however I noticed that all of the 6 fonts were installed into the system font folder, not just the 3 that I wanted. So Installshield is automagically detecting that I have fonts and placing them in the system font folder, which is not what I requested.

Bug 2.
On uninstall I got a message that said System Restart would be needed......., do you want to continue. I continued and everything seemed to uninstall correctly, however after a completions a Restart was not requested or initiated. ->>> Bug 3.

Bug 4.
I then discovered that all fonts were removed, even the ones that were marked as Permanent in the [FONTSFOLDER]

After messing around with the configuration is when I found that the files from [INSTALLDIR] were being installed, and none from the [FONTSFOLDER]

So I removed all the fonts out of the [FONTSFOLDER] and marked the ones in the [INSTALLDIR] as permanent. On Uninstall the System Restart message was gone (likely because fonts where not being removed from the System Font Folder) . However, the [INSTALLDIR] was left behind with the 6 fonts that were marked as permanent. This folder and files cannot be removed normally.

Why install font files into the Font Folder from the [INSTALLDIR] that are not requested to be installed? Installshield tech support could not answer this.
Why does the [FONTSFOLDER] not behave as advertised?

On the most recent test, even fonts in the [INSTALLDIR] were not being installed (per 2 of my testers) . What is with changes of behavior per build ?
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Level 3

Additionally, NOTHING should ever be installed with the permanent option. It makes it almost impossible to delete without serious permission changes and good luck.

What InstallShield needs is just a "Do not uninstall option"

The Permanent option is a really lame way to stop uninstall. A decent programmer could set a flag for "do not uninstall" and leave that item alone on uninstall.

Recommend you don't use it.
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