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Automatically reset read-only flag of files that are installed

Our ancient version of Installshield Express would automatically clear the read-only flag of all the files that we install. Is there any way to do that from Installshield 2008? We are installing several hundred files in multiple folders, so not very simple to go through all that with a SetFileInfo call.
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Level 4

Check the directories that InstallShield is retrieving the files from when building the installer. Do the files in these directories already have the read-only attribute set? By default, InstallShield automatically carries over the files' read-only attribute. There are at least two ways to change this:

1. Unset the read-only attribute on the files before building the installer.

2. Go to the File Properties dialog for the file in question and check the "Override system attributes" checkbox. Then uncheck the "Read-only" checkbox. Check or uncheck the other checkboxes as appropriate.
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