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Level 2

Automatically add new files to setup

We have a project that has many new files with new locations all the time. Is there any way to have Installshield Automatically pick up a root directory and package those files every time?
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Level 6

If I understand your issue, I would recommend that you use Dynamic Linking instead of Static linking. It works exactly as you describe. You create a dynamic link to a root directory, and specify that include subdirectories and it will retrieve all of the files. You can specify patterns of files to Include and exclude so that you only get the files that you need. If any Files are added or removed from the directory, when you build the catalog of files are updated.

Robert McMahan
Siemens Energy
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Level 5

If your project is an MSI:
Components --> [choose your component] --> Files
right-click on the right pane and choose Dynamic Linking
Locate your files in the dialog
Fill out the rest of the dialog appropriately
That will create a Path Variable

If your project is an InstallScript project:
Components --> [choose your component] --> Link Type
Click on the elipsys
That will bring up a dialog where you can switch on Dynamic Linking
Fill in the dialog appropriately

If you wish to update the Path Variable during each build, use the Automation Interface (trying googling "ISWiAutomation").
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Level 10

Be sure to search this forum and the IS HelpNet for issues using Dynamic Linking. It is very convenient, but has definite ramifications if you want to do minor updates later.
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