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Level 3

Arabic build error

I use InstallShield 2009 in Basic MSI project. But I just add a simple InstallScript custom action. And language add Arabic language in my release, But InstallShield always show build error.

ISDEV : error -7132: An error occured streaming ISSetup.dll support file C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2009\Redist\0401\i386\_isres.dll

It seems installscript which is not support Arabic language.

I also check the _isres.dll in C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2009\Redist\, but I can't find the 0401 directory.
So InstallShield 2009 don't contain these dll files support for Arabic?
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Level 6

I am also having this problem. I recently tried to add Arabic and Hebrew languages to my installer and I get the same error message. Checking the files and folders reveals that the _isres.dll files are nowhere to be found for these languages...
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Level 17

Since InstallShield currently does not provide the built-in Arabic and Hebrew support for InstallScript, _isres.dll for those languages is not provided. In order to get it workaround, please copy C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2009\Redist\0409\i386\_isres.dll to the following locations manually:

C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2009\Redist\0401\i386
C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2009\Redist\040d\i386
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