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Anyone else had this degree of issue trying to Install InstallShield?

So I decided to procure InstallShield, as though IU had understood the lite version associated with VS 2017 was free it started repeatedly demanding Activation (and not accepting my code). Also it it was giving me repeating compile errors (which I could handle by restarting VS), but I was getting sick of the workaround.

Also I wanted to upgrade to VS2019 (which I noticed that InstallSheild Lite now supported per per and figured that a perpetual licence would be a good idea.

I purchased InstallShield Lite. I got an email inviting me to download  "InstallShield2015Live.exe", which was a downgrade on what I was already running.

A bit of researching led me down the path of registering, which allowed me to find that I can download InstallShield 2019 Lite.


However, in order to do so, I have to first download Flexora's own download manager. So I install this. Then use to download InstallShield 2019. Which it promptly dumps into my Downloads folder.  So I run the installer from there.... ....and I am then puzzled to find myself reinstalling my Network Printer (something I downloaded probably at least 6 months ago).


So I try and run it again, being sure that I've got the right file (note my downloads folder is sorted by date, so this isn't hard). Same problem.

I think OK, maybe I should copy to another folder before running, so I copy it to my desktop and run it from there. It halts with an error saying that it is missing a configuration file. 
So I've now come to the conclusion that the d/l manager downloads the main install exe plus another file. But "hides" that file (remember my downloads folder was sorted by date, no other newly downloaded file is obvious, so it's definitely hiding some how).
I can't seem to change the download location from the "Download Manager". So with a sigh I moved the contents of that folder (5GB +, it's been a while since I purged it).
I re-download the Installer, and this time it works.

This company is supposed to be selling products that make it easy for us to 
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