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After the major upgrade, the files under ProgramData are deleted by the Windows program

A Major Upgrade has been made. To trigger the Major Upgrade, there are three modifications:
1. Upgrade cc version in the third digit of version number
2. Product Code change
3. Package Code change
(Update Code remains unchanged)

After the Major Upgrade is successful, everything is normal when you enter the installed program through the startup program(xxx.exe).
However, if you start the installed program by double clicking the applicable file (for example: "xxx.project"), the config program shown in the following figure will appear to delete the necessary files under "C:\ProgramData".
Then, the installed program will run with errors.


In addition, for pure installation, double clicking the file does not cause this problem. Only Major Upgrade will occur.
Why is the config program shown in the above figure triggered after a Major Upgrade? What is the opportunity for such a config program?

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