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After installing .net framework 4.5 prerequisite it ask for reboot PC

Hi all,
I prepare deployment setup in Install shield LE in VS2012. For my project .net framework 4.5 is the prerequisite so that i set prerequisite in install shield le.
Issue:- When i run my setup.exe on win7 professional 32 bit it detect .net framework prerequisite and install properly but after installing it ask to reboot the PC dialog.If i select 'NO' option the installation stops and no further action happens. Please give me the solution.
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Level 9

Hi Suraj,

It is an expected behavior, as there is no option to edit the Prerequisites, to modify the behavior in InstallShield Limited Edition. It is not possible to skip the system reboot after installing such Prerequisites. So, the setup will be aborted when the option “No” is selected in the Reboot PC dialog.
Kindly reboot the system for successful completion of installation of your setup.

Please let us know if there is any other problem.

Thank You,
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