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Advertise installation despite being disallowed in MSI


I need to warn that this is probably not the right place to post my question, because setup is created with InstallShield over MSI (Basic MSI type project), but I do believe that someone can help me.

To make it simple I will reduce everything to two projects: one is, for example, of type class library and the second one is setup (InstallShield Basic MSI). The class library project has several (more than one!) content files that are installed by the setup. It is the same as in VS Setup project - it is added to target folder by dragging Content Files to it.

I have a couple of builds of the setup. When I make a first-time installation and then an upgrade (no minor or major upgrade, just another build setup), sometimes I end up with the following message in MSI log:

MSI (s) : Feature: AdminTools; Installed: Advertise; Request: Reinstall; Action: Reinstal

This is despite that I have "Disallow advertise". Then in the log I come across the following message:

MSI (s) : SELMGR: ComponentId '{470D6551-91D3-478E-AA51-49B6CF1772FE}' is registered to feature 'AdminTools', but is not present in the Component table. Removal of components from a feature is not supported!
MSI (s) : SELMGR: Removal of a component from a feature is not supported

This is despite I did not remove any components between the builds.

I have found a post on MSDN blog concerning this issue. But I still cannot resolve it.

I have no idea of the root problem, but my concern is that MSI creates separate component for each content file. And only the first file among the rest is assigned the id that component proper is assigned in IDE, while the rest has it randomly generated over each install or update. This results in that first-time installation installs content files and registers them, while upgrade detects that these very content files are a part of the upgrade, but already with different ids, and it sees that previously installed components (files in fact) were removed.

Can anyone help with this issue?
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Level 10

Hi Kovalenko,

Did anybody answer your question?
Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

I am facing a similar problem in a Basic MSI project (IS 2008).

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