Administrator Privileges Only

Hello all
I want my installation to execute, only if the account in which the user has logged in to has administritive privileges.
I am using Installshield 2008 and Installscript MSI Project.
Target systems are windows 2000 and above including vista

In the OnBegin Event i use the following Function

MsiGetProperty(ISMSI_HANDLE, "AdminUser", userName, nvSize);
if(userName !=1) then
abort; //No administritive rights

I compile the installation and to test it i log on to the Guest Account in WinXP Pro.
As soon as i click on the setup.exe file, the installation starts and the first dialog appears showing the progress bar execution.. where the installation prepares itself..but in between the following error appears and the installation terminates before reaching the onbegin event:

1628: Failed to complete installation.

I even tried using the codition builder
Added just the AdminUser property without any operators or comparisons..
But of no use. The same error appears.

Is this because the installation is not able to extract the temporary files required to start the installation because of the guest account..

Can somebody please help me out with this.. is there a workaround..

Thank you all
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U can set it in General Information->Product Properties->Install Condition.
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Thanks for the reply..
i mentioned i tried adding the condition through the condition builder..
The error comes when the installation prepares it self.. i.e the first dialog when you click the setup.exe.
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