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Adding MSM file causes ISDEV : error Val0008

I recently had to add a third-pert MSM file to my Installshield Basic MSI project.
I am using InstallShield 2015

This causes:
ISDEV : error Val0008: In the Upgrade table, the Action Property 'ISACTIONPROP1' is not listed as a member of SecureCustomProperties. The defined upgrade may not function properly.

I can see that ISACTIONPROP1 is defined in "SecureCustomProperties", but still getting the error
If I remove MSM from the project, it compiles perfectly. Really need help on this. This really causing me headache now..
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Re: Adding MSM file causes ISDEV : error Val0008

Sounds like something wrong with the MSM file if including it generates an error and removing it removes the error. I'd get with the author of that MSM and see about it. Otherwise, you might want to dial up Flexera software if you feel it is a bug or something wrong with InstallShield.

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