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Adding 3rd party Merge Module to InstallScript project

I'm new to Merge Modules so maybe I'm going about this the wrong way, but I can't / don't know how to add a Merge Module to this new InstallShield project.

A partner gave us their SDK installer and said that we just need to use the Merge Module to install the redistro parts of their SDK. After installation of their SDK on my machine a 84kb MSM file was placed in the folder, but nothing is coming up in the Application Data > Prerequisties or Objects section. I've also copied it to each of the other Merge Module folders and restarted IS, no avil.

As mentioned, I'm not sure if what I'm doing is wring, but I can't find anything else online except what I've mentioned above.

Thanks in advance,
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May be the ".msm" file is broken. Have you tried to open the merge module in IS and take a look ?


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Hi Markus, Thanks for the reply!

I have and did it again today... but I'm not sure what to look for. The file opens fine (both from File>Open & double clicking the file), but I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for to make sure it's a 'good' file.

When I go to Application Data > Files and Folders, I get [INSTALLDIR.####_####_###...] under Destination computer's folders, but nothing under Destination computer's files. What else can I see here? I'm used to InstallScript projects so I'm not sure what else to look for.

OK, I think I got it.
It turns out that wasn't the right file, even though their installer put that file in that folder. =/
Poking around, I found a number of other MSM files they provided in a ZIP to us. I moved the files into the C:\InstallShield 2012 Projects\MergeModules folder and IS saw them. But when I tried to add them to the feature, I got an error.

"The object 'Merge Module Holder Object' could not be inserted, you may need to reinstall the object in order to use it."
This forum post resolved that error:

I'm working on building and making sure it's working.

Thanks for guiding me on that path.

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