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Accessing command line during installation

Is there a function in InstallScript that will pass input to the Windows command line to be executed? If I wanted to execute another script or some command during installation by using the command line, how would I do this?

Also, part of my need for this is I need to install and setup a database. During installation I would need to create a user account in the database and execute setup scripts to initially populate the db.

If I can't access the command line, how would I do something this?
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Level 7

You may want to look into the LaunchApplication InstallScript function. It is capable of launching other applications and scripts.

You may also want to take a look at the SQL Scripts functionality in InstallShield. This will allow you to run SQL Scripts against MS SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL. It also has a built-in dialog for getting connection credentials from the user.


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Level 8

you can use the LaunchAppAndWait() function of installscript.

You can create DB with the help of SQL scripts menu of IS.

Alternatively you can create an application in C++/C# which will create a DB and user in SQL, and launch the application silently by using the above function.
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