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Access Advanced UI Properties from Installscript

Hello Community,
I am creating an Installer where I need to include external drivers from STM. The drivers are installed through calling an executable with os-specific .inf files. I created an Advanced UI project where the driver installation is associated to a Feature and it is working fine but I did not find a way to set the Detect Condition as I want it.
My way to check if the driver is installed is to look for the .inf file under C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\, the problem is, I cannot exactly say in which directory the file is, I know it is somewhere there but the exact name of the directoy seems to depend on some factors I do not know and therefore be different depending on your machine.
For that reason I cannot use the regular Installshield Package -> Detection Condition -> File exists since Installshield expects the exact directory. What I am trying to achieve is run an Installscript as OnBegin Event, inside it I would check the presence of the driver and set an Installshield Property, that will then be used as Detection Condition.
I thought of using the MsiGetProperty() and MsiSetProperty() functions but this is not possible for Advanced UI projects... Is there a way to access Advanced UI project Properties from Installscript? or a method to pass information from an Installscript to and Advanced UI project?
Many thanks,
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