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Level 3

Absolute or relative path?

Does InstallShield keep absolute or relative paths for a files added to the setup project? For example, InstallShield project is kept in:
I add this file to setup package:

Now I take the whole MyProject directory to drive 😧

Does MyProject.exe points now to correct file on D drive?
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

That depends on how the link was added. Typically you'll end up a path variable referencing the files. It may be a new path variable of the format PATH_TO_MYPROJECT_FILES which references D:\MyProject, one like PATH_TO_SETUP_FILES which references D:\MyProject\Setup, or a predefined one like ISProjectFolder which references the folder containing your project. If it's the last it'll work straight up; if it's one of the others you will have to go to the Path Variables view to modify the location the path variable references. When entering the path variable reference location manually, you can use other path variables and .. to build relative paths.

However in the Express edition (which you appear to be using due to the .ise file extension) you cannot easily see and manipulate path variables, so it will be hard for you to predict or correct. If you are indeed using the Express edition, you should try to post the question in that forum instead.
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