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About register DLL/OCX files in windows 7

I made a InstallScript MSI Project in InstallShield 11.5, which has many DLL/OCX Files based on COM and need to be registered,it can be installed successfully in windows xp.
But in windows 7, it report some DLL/OCX files couldn't be registered successfully. HRESULT-2147220473.
I moved it to InstallShield 2010, the same problem.
What's going on? And what shall I do? Some special setting needed?
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Level 7

My guess is that your DLL/OCX files have dependencies that exist on the XP machines you installed on, but do not exist on the Windows 7 machines.
See if either file have .dep files that list the dependencies, and then include those you do not find existing on a clean Windows 7 installation. Be careful not to redistribute system files.
There are some dependency scanners out there that may help you out - something like:

My money is on missing dependencies.
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Level 16

My money is on following best practices and not using Self Registration. Do your COM extraction at the time you author the installer and then you don't have to worry about out of process run time errors during the install.
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Level 2

I scaned these DLL/OCX files, and all suported files in windows 7.
I’m so confused...
Anyway, thank you.
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