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About custom .cab file

I am a software development engineer. I have heard about the name of this software for a long time, but I am a beginner. According to the needs of the company, I need to perform detailed maintenance on the msi installation package of a certain software in the future, the purpose is to edit and adjust the software files. I The first choice is ScriptLogic MSI Studio Pro 4.1. The rebuilt installation package works well, and the directory is the same as the original file. Unfortunately, it is discontinued. I need tools that can be updated and can continue to provide maintenance, so I used InstallShield . But I found that when I right-click and use InstallShield to open the msi installation package, edit the original msi installation package file (such as replacing, adding files), only "On the source media (uncompressed)" "In a new CAB file" these two options, when I choose In a new CAB file, it will generate a in the msi directory. What I want is to replace or add to the original cabinet file. The maintained file, that is, the generated cab file has the same name as the original file, not in an additional new cab file. I have tried many methods, such as modifying the component and media tables, looking for related settings, and looking for it in the community Solving the case, the results are all in vain. I hope to get an msi database structure that is basically the same as the original directory like MSI Studio, at least not adding an additional cab file. Another point is that I want this cab file The name can be customized. I don’t know if these two problems can be solved, especially the first problem is needed for work. I have a lot of nonsense, just hope to describe the problem as clearly as possible, and hope to be in the community It is resolved, please forgive me if there is any inconvenience, thank you all.



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If you right click the MSI that you are using and select "Edit with Installshield" - this will open the MSI in Installshields Direct Edit Mode.

If you add a file to the installer in this mode you should be given the option to add the file in a new cab file and also to stream the CAB into the Windows Installer package:



Whilst the direct Edit Mode is a great tool it is limited as you are directly editing the MSI tables in the installer. If you will be working with this installer for some time to come you should consider converting the MSI to an Installshield .ISM project file. This will provide much more functionality allowing you to compile your installers with more options.

Convert MSI to ISM:

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