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Level 6

A problem about Multi-Language Install Package

I created a Multi-Languages Install package by InstallShield2008-Premier Edition. For using requirement, I must leave *.msi out of setup.exe.

The problem is when I install by execute setup.exe, it can detect the language of system and display right language on instllation UI. However, if i double clicked *.msi, installation will always use default language.

Can I let the intall process show different languanges just as i used setup.exe, even if I started install by double clicking*.msi.

If I can not reach this, can anybody tell me why?

Thanks a lot!
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Level 17

Multi-lingual installations are mangaged by the Setup.exe bootstrapper that InstallShield creates, not by Windows Installer. The Setup.exe runs the main MSI package by applying the corresponding language transform (.MST) after you select a language in the Lanugage Selection dialog. If you do not want to use the bootstrapper, you need to run it from the command line like this:

msiexec.exe /i "c:\MyInstall\MyInstall.msi" /t "c:\MyInstall\1031.mst"
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Level 6

Thanks a lot for your help!
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