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Level 2

4 questions on MSI editing

Dear pals,

(1) Can DSN username and password be embedded into ODBC resource settings of an MSI package?

(2) If network drive mappings are required, can it be done in InstallShield?

(3) If component files are to be copied to Drive D:, can it be done with InstallShield?

(4) How can a few MSI files be merged into a single one?

Thanks for your answers.
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Level 10

1) I don't know.

2) I haven't seen it built into the product specifically, but you can certainly create a Custom Action that calls "net use..."

3) Yes you can install anywhere you'd like. The user can be presented with a dialog to set the destination folder or can set public directory identifier values on the command line. You could initialize INSTALLDIR to D:\ but it's best to initialize it to a subfolder of a predefined directory.

4) MSIs can't be merged, per se. You can make use of chained MSIs or prerequisites to link several dependent MSIs together. Alternatively, you can implement all of your logic in merge modules (.msm), and then create simple installations (.msi) which consume the merge modules. It all depends on what you really need.
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