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2 Question Background,Application

And this time I had a question about this program.
During setup, I'd like a picture in the background, like many other setup
Programs. Participate only to get the point, he loads the setup files, then the picture goes away.
And how can I at the end of the setup to start an application in the background??
This application to be generated. Ini file, so it's totally important to the program after I
can start the setup from the installation folder (yes file) is also installed.

And I still have a problem. At the end of the setup is always there:
> Font werden.Überprüfen they could not be registered if it is sufficient evidence Permissions
to install fonts have and whether the system supports this font <
Cancel Retry Ignore

Gratefully over Währe help ^ ^

sorry for bad english ... translation german into english 😜
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Level 8

I could'nt understand much from that post!!! 🙂

I think you need to provide background for installation...try using the following:
Enable(BACKGROUND) and PlaceBitMap(), refer help for more details...

For launching application in the background, use LaunchApp()
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Level 2

hmm i dont know what i made wrong.

When i use this sample script:


#define BMP_PATH "C:\\Windows\\Bubbles.bmp"

#define BITMAP_ID_1 12

#define BITMAP_ID_2 13

#define BITMAP_ID_3 14

#include "Ifx.h"
export prototype ExFn_Placebitmap(HWND);
function ExFn_Placebitmap(hMSI)
Enable ( BACKGROUND );
// Bitmap in der oberen linken Ecke anzeigen.
PlaceBitmap (BMP_PATH, BITMAP_ID_1, 10, 12, UPPER_LEFT);
// Enthüllungs-Effekt für Bitmap festlegen.
SetDisplayEffect (EFF_REVEAL);
// Bitmap in der unteren rechten Ecke anzeigen.
PlaceBitmap (BMP_PATH, BITMAP_ID_2, 10, 10, LOWER_RIGHT);
Delay (3);
// Bitmap in der oberen linken Ecke entfernen.
PlaceBitmap ("", BITMAP_ID_2, 0, 0, REMOVE);
// Bitmap in der unteren rechten Ecke entfernen.
PlaceBitmap ("", BITMAP_ID_1, 0, 0, REMOVE);
// Einblende-Effekt für Bitmap festlegen.
SetDisplayEffect (EFF_FADE);
// Bitmap in Bildschirmmitte anzeigen.
Delay (3);
// Bitmap in Bildschirmmitte entfernen.
PlaceBitmap ("", BITMAP_ID_3, 0, 0, REMOVE);
Delay (1);


does nothing happens when i start the setup.

Is it right when i add this code in the setup.rul data or do i anything wrong ?
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