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1920 service failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start sys

i am working on install shield 2015 Basic Msi project, in my Install shield project i am using windows service it will start and stop while installing and uninstalling an application, for this i have used User Name and Password and before starting service i am creating an User account (same as Windows service User Name and Password) using script (using Custom actions ) and i have configured and WindowsService.exe using service option. My setup.exe is working good in all operating systems except Windows XP 32 bit and Windows Server 2003 in this operating systems i am getting "1920 service failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services"
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Re: 1920 service failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start sys

The error 1920 is a very generic error message and does not necessarily always mean it is privileges related. If you Google that error 1920 there is no lack of examples.

The solution may be a bit more elusive. Things to try would include (for testing purposes)

1. Set the username to some known local Windows account like "LocalSystem" - if the error 1920 continues then it is probably not privileges related.
2. When you get the error inside of the installer, leave that error sitting on the screen and go to Services.msc and find your service in the list and see if you can start it - it might give you a different or better error message. I would assume it won't start at this point because the installer cannot start it.
3. Check the Windows Event Viewer to see if there are any new messages related to attempting to start the service. This might give another clue as to what is going on.

Sometimes a service can have a dependency on a given operating system that is fulfilled on another operating system either because Microsoft included something in the newer OS that it didn't include in the older OS, things like that.
Maybe some .NET framework that is needed but not installed by default on the older OS?
Maybe the service itself has some other dependency on another service that is not running or some service pack that is not installed yet.

There can really be a number of causes. I look at the error 1920 as saying "There was a problem starting a service during the install" and work from there. The privileges in the error is so often a red herring and not related to the actual issue.

Don't overlook the obvious, either.

I hope that helps.

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