0x80070652 - when installing VS 2012 C++ redistributables.

Hi All,

I have a weird issue for the last few days now, i've been looking for a solution in the forums, google etc.
So far, couldn't find a similar problem:

1. I have an "Basic MSI" project that deploy our company product.
2. everything worked OK till i needed to add installation of VS 2012 C++ redistributables.
3. i'm using the installscript to initiate a command line for installing it quietly - 'vcredist_x64.exe /q'.
4. if the custom action is being added to the execute sequance, the following error is coming from the "VS 2012 C++ redistributables. -
ERROR 0X80070652: ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING.This error is due to Another installation is already in progress. Complete that installation before proceeding with this install.
5. if running it manually, regardless to the IS installation, everything is working perfectly.
6. Also, when the custom action is on the UI sequance - works great. - i cannot leave it on the UI sequance, since our product is being deployed quietly along with some Audio drivers.
7. I've been trying to change into a different project type - "installscript MSI"... Same error.

Please advise, thanks for any inputs.
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Re: 0x80070652 - when installing VS 2012 C++ redistributables.

If you're using InstallShield to develop your Basic MSI project why not just select the VC++ 2012 redistributable x86/x64 prerequisite package in the "Redistributables" section of the IDE?

The redistributable will then get installed early in the sequence and will automatically run either interactively or silently according to the selected install mode.
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