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The InstallAnywhere was created with Unlicensed version

The InstallAnywhere was created with Unlicensed version


Even after Properly generated the license file and applied at in build machine, it still shows "The Installer was created Unlicensed version of InstallAnywhere".

Troubleshooting Steps:

The Following checks needs to be done to make sure everything configured in a right manner,

1. Make sure that you have generated the appropriate license file.
    Ex: Standalone Build Perpetual License and Standalone Build Concurrent Perpetual License for SAB            which does not use GUI.
    Concurrent Perpetual License/Concurrent Subscription for GUI
2. Register InstallAnywhere as the same user Jenkins runs the build that generated that installer.
3. If its SAB, Pass Command-Line Parameters to Build.exe to Specify Node-Locked License Information
     build.exe -registerNodeLocked LicenseFilePathAndName
4. In case of GUI then register with the license.lic file for node-lock.
5. If still has issue, need to check that the license information is getting written to the properties file in       the user's home directory and that the property file exists when you build.
enable verbose log(, while run the installer check the user home. If the user.home == C:\Users\Vanathi then the license information in the properties( which is located under under C:\Users\Vanathi\InstallAnywhere\220\Premier\preferences) file should be

After all the above checks build and run the project, you will able to install the installer without unlicensed version message.

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hi, mine is concurrent license, I activated the license on my build VM and the designer.license.file.path property is empty, there is no value. 

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