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Invalid unzip command found error message at install time on Linux or Solaris

Invalid unzip command found error message at install time on Linux or Solaris


This article discusses the "unzip: not found" and "Invalid unzip command found" error messages when installing to a Linux or Solaris machine


When running an installer targeted for Linux or Solaris, the following errors appear during launch:
unzip: not found
Invalid unzip command found


When running an installer (with a Linux or Solaris build target) on Linux or Solaris, a valid copy of the system unzip command is required for the installer to launch.

InstallAnywhere scripts are written to look for a valid unzip command to be present on UNIX-based platforms. Once the unzip command is installed, it has to be made part of the PATH variable to be available. The InstallAnywhere installer scripts look for the unzip command in the following locations:
  • /usr/bin
  • /usr/sbin
  • /usr/local/bin
  • [directory defined by the PATH variable]
If the unzip command is not found in any of those locations, then installers fail to launch.


If the unzip tool is not present, you need to install the unzip command by either downloading it here or by running the apt-get update or apt-get install commands.

Additional Information

The following are required on UNIX-based platforms:
  • Unzip tool?It is mandatory that all UNIX-based platforms have a valid unzip command/tool installed and be made available on PATH in order to support extraction of installers /jre for the installers to launch. If it is not present, the JVM search settings configured in the InstallAnywhere project will not be respected. For more information, see above.
  • wget tool? If the user chooses to download a JVM on a UNIX-based platform, a wget tool is required.
  • tar, gzip, and unzip tools?For extracting the downloaded JVM on UNIX-based platforms, the tar, gzip, and unzip tools are required.
  • md5sum tool?For MD5 checksum verification of a downloaded JVM on UNIX-based platforms, the md5sum tool is required.
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