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InstallAnywhere Ant Task Build Paramaters

InstallAnywhere Ant Task Build Paramaters


This article discuss about the build parameters for the InstallAnywhere Ant task.


This article discuss about the build parameters for the InstallAnywhere Ant task.


InstallAnywhere includes an Ant task to build installers from Ant. The InstallAnywhere Ant task (iaant.jar) is located in your InstallAnywhere application folder:


where IA_HOME is the InstallAnywhere installation directory.

Tip: To integrate the InstallAnywhere Ant task in an Ant project, set the classpath of the InstallAnywhere Ant task to the location of iaant.jar.
Note: The use of iaant.jar requires Java 1.4 or later.

The following Ant task parameters are available:

  • Build Parameters
  • Platform Options
  • Build Options
  • Installer Options

However, this article provides information only on the Build Parameters. For more information on the other parameters please refer the additional information section.

Build Parameters
Use the following parameters to control the build process for the InstallAnywhere Ant task.



The location of the InstallAnywhere project that you want to build.

This is a required parameter.


The location where InstallAnywhere is installed.

This is an optional parameter.

Note ? If IALocation is not specified, the task searches for a copy of InstallAnywhere to run against. If InstallAnywhere is not installed in one of the default locations, the task checks the InstallAnywhere product registry for a valid location.


The host name, user name and password of an iSeries machine in the following format:


For example:

<buildinstaller IAProjectFile="Project_File" IALocation="IA_HOME"


After the project successfully builds, an asterisk-masked i5OSLogin parameter (password portion) prints to the console.

This is an optional parameter.


The location of a BuildProperties.xml file. If this parameter is used, all other attributes are ignored.

This is an optional parameter


Stop the build process if the command exits with a return code other than 0. Defaults to false.

This is an optional parameter.

Additional Information

To get more information on Platform Options, Build Options and Installer Options, click here.
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