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HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere HotFix for Windows Launchers using Java 8 Update 112

HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere HotFix for Windows Launchers using Java 8 Update 112


This is the InstallAnywhere HotFix for Windows Launchers using Java 8 Update 112


This HotFix addresses the following issue:
IOJ-1782054Without VM installer and uninstaller fail to launch and display Windows error 2 when running with 32-bit or 64-bit Java 8 Update 112 on Windows


The HotFix is provided through a common patch installer for the following versions of InstallAnywhere and can be obtained by checking for updates from the InstallAnywhere IDE.
  • InstallAnywhere 2013
  • InstallAnywhere 2014
  • InstallAnywhere 2014 SP1
  • InstallAnywhere 2015 SP1
The patch installer for the HotFix will only patch one instance of InstallAnywhere at a time. That is, if the user has multiple InstallAnywhere versions installed, for instance, InstallAnywhere 2014 SP1 and InstallAnywhere 2015 SP1 are both present in the system, the user can choose to patch only one version/instance at a time. So, if the user chooses to patch InstallAnywhere 2015 SP1, the installer will install the patch for that chosen instance of InstallAnywhere 2015 SP1 and exit. To patch another version/instance of the product, the user should run the installer again.

Below are the direct download links for the HotFix installers:
PlatformMD5 Checksum
Apple OS X613bf5b16e1103cee890c023e01a80cd
Solaris Sparccaf7a2fd18d8506eead2497391f00b4f
Linux (32-bit)ef2914dd68a8f883a7fe8f93a7751679
Linux (64-bit)fe11d253c24ed4a71927bfbb0aa89a85

To verify that the Hotfix was applied, navigate to the <IA_HOME>/resource/launchanywheres/windows directory, where <IA_HOME> is where InstallAnywhere was installed. Right-click one of the executables in the <IA_HOME>/resource/launchanywheres/windows directory.

Under the Details Tab the File version should be:
InstallAnywhere VersionFile Version
InstallAnywhere 2015 SP117.0.4.0
InstallAnywhere 2014 SP116.5.4.0
InstallAnywhere 201416.0.4.0
InstallAnywhere 201315.0.4.0

Additional Information

The fix should be applied on top of latest HotFix available for the version of InstallAnywhere listed above. Below are the links to:
HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere 2013 HotFix C
HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere 2014 HotFix A
HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere 2014 Service Pack 1 HotFix A
HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere 2015 Service Pack 1 HotFix A
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