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Execute a .bat file using InstallAnywhere

Execute a .bat file using InstallAnywhere

Introduction :

This Article will helps you to understand the steps required to run .bat file through IA.

Instructions :

To run a .bat file through InstallAnywhere follow these simple steps,

1. Create a New Project
2. Add the Execute Script/batch file Action as part of your project settings in the respective Sequence phase.
3. In the properties customizer section of the Execute Script/batch file Action, There is text area called Script : Add the following command : start cmd /k "$USER_INSTALL_DIR$$/batfile.bat"
4. The text area allows the end user to leverage the InstallAnywhere Variables like "USER_INSTALL_DIR" in the user script.
5. Build and run the installer.

running bat.png

More Information:
You can also utilize the Execute Command action, which executes the entire script or batch file by specifying the .sh or .bat file directly in the command line.

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