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Digital signing through Commandline

Digital signing through Commandline

Introduction :
This article will helps you understand the steps to sign the installer through command line.


Step 1 : Create a New simple Project with default setting.
Step 2 : build the installer
Step 3 : Open Command prompt and goto, <IA_HOME/>resource\nativetools\windows64> and run the     following command,
IAWinDigiSign.exe /f <pfx file> /o <certificate name> /p <password> /t /algo CALG_SHA_256 <exe to be signed>


• /f parameter is the path of PFX Certificate file to be used for signing
• /p parameter is the Password for encoded certificate
• /t parameter is the URL of time Stamp Server
• /algo parameter is the algorithm used for signing like CALG_SHA_256
followed by the Executable which is to be signed.

Step 4 : Goback to the Installer Location and right click-> Properties



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