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Copy files/folders from Windows to Ubuntu :IA 2022

Copy files/folders from Windows to Ubuntu :IA 2022


This Article will helps you to understand the steps required for Copy Files/folders from Windows to Ubuntu.


To transfer a file from window to Ubuntu server follow these simple steps

1. First, Install and configure SSH on your Ubuntu server
Execute the following commands :
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install openssh-server
Enable port 22 SSH in firewall
$ sudo ufw allow 22

2. Check status whether SSH is running in a Ubuntu machine
$ sudo systemctl status ssh
3. Create New project in InstallAnywhere
4. Add an Execute script/Batch file action and add the following command,
pscp.exe -pw Nagu@123 C:\Users\Vanathi\Desktop\samplerunner.cmd vanathi@
5. Build and run the project.
6. Login to the Ubuntu machine and make sure the file is copied to the specified location.

More Information -> To Download the pscp.exe

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