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Convert pvk/jks files into pfx file in Digital signing

Convert pvk/jks files into pfx file in Digital signing


This article will helps you to convert pvk/jks files into pfx file in Digital signing.

Instructions :
Scenario 1 : .pvk into .pfx
If you have a self-signed certificate on a Windows machine, you will get two files: cert.pvk and cert.cer. These can be converted to a pfx using pvk2pfx.

The Microsoft Pvk2Pfx command line utility seems to have the functionality you need:
Pvk2Pfx (Pvk2Pfx.exe) is a command-line tool copies public key and private key information contained in .spc, .cer, and .pvk files to a Personal Information Exchange (.pfx) file.

pvk2pfx -pvk cert.pvk -spc cert.cer -pfx cert.pfx

Scenario 2 : .jks into .pfx

To convert the Java Keystore file to a PFX file, you need to run the following Java Keytool command:
keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore Sample.jks] -destkeystore myfile.pfx -srcstoretype JKS -deststoretype PFX -deststorepass [PASSWORD_PKCS12]
Replace Sample.jks with the name of your actual java keystore file, and myfile.pfx file with the name of the .pfx file which you would like the command to generate.
PASSWORD_PKCS12: password that will be requested at the PKCS#12 file opening.

More info: To verify the contents of the .p12 file (e.g.myfile.pfx), run the following command:
keytool -list -v -keystore myfile.pfx -storetype PFX



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