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Level 6

what to put in the source code control

when i work with IA projects and want to store in the clearcase repository,
what do i put? just the .iap_xml? i also see a locales dir in the same dir where created the project.
what about resources dir?

i need to know what should be saving?
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Level 20

I, for one, put only the .iap_xml project file in the repository. The resources folder is created at build time. But beware: even the slightest modification of your project file will create huge differences (so it'll be hard to see what exactly has been changed when looking at the diff).
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Level 7

Yeah, I had already noticed that the format is not so nice as the one in ISMP, for which I often edited the XML directly if I wanted to make, e.g. filename changes and didn't feel like clicking on them all.
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Level 20

This is the obvious thing to do: sometime, for a path change or a file name change is far more clear to directly edit the .iap_xml file with a text editor, and do the change and then commit: you'll have a nice clean diff, of the exact thing you've modified (and not countless unrelated changes (like new UUIDs being regenerated for things not touched).

Just a side note in the choice of the text editor: because of the UTF-8 encoding of the .iap_xml projects, it might happen if your editor is set to automatically recognize the UTF-8 files to slightly alter it (the first bytes), thus actually corrupting your IA project (it has happened to me while using the UltraEdit editor, which has this setting enabled by default).
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