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web installer silent failure when surpassing maximum size? help!

I have a product with lots of video amounting to more than 2 gig. I have spent the entire day trying to figure out why my web installer simply dies after I try to invoke it. I get the unpacking dialog for half a second before it just disappears. No log file, only stubbed temporary directories with nothing in them. Been driving me nuts.

I went through the motions of simplifying the install to the point that all I was doing was copying files onto the target system. Still fails. Dawned on me that perhaps this was a size problem? I began ripping files out one by one until I crossed the magic threshold. My installer works when the file size is <=2126217307 bytes. My installer fails, as described above, when the size is >=2187013758 bytes. I can easily replicate this and have verified it's not a specific file issue, but a size issue.

Please comment if you've had success with installers larger than this or failures as I have experienced.
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Level 20

I guess it must be caused by the archiver used to create the that holds all the installation items. AFAIK ZIP has a total archive size limitation that might be rather low (2 GB).
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We've faced the same issue. ZIP can be up to 4G, so the size of doesn't look a root problem. Self-extractor actually crashes when the content exceeds that size and no way to detect the cause so far.
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